Pondering a second account

I am pretty sure I am in the minority as a player who has been playing for more than 2 years and has only 1 account.

Periodically, I think about starting a second one.  However, to actually do it, the second account must accomplish 2 things.  1) It has to earn at least enough ISK every month to be revenue neutral and 2) it has to do so in a way that is more fun than what I am doing now.

So far, the idea hasn’t passed both of these tests.

Before Rubicon and before mobile depots, I was pretty seriously planning out an Orca character so that I could base out of wormholes or null-sec and have some storage and re-fitting ability.   But even then, the thought of managing multiple characters (and their training) just seemed like a pain.  Now that I have a mobile depot, I would only need an Orca to swap out ships – something I am unlikely to do.  Also, I will keep trying, but I just don’t like nullsec that much.  Lowsec is just so much more interesting.  I do have one the characters on my current account trained for blockade runners so that he can follow me around carrying ammo and such, but I never use him.  Perhaps if I decide to spend a bit longer in null-sec or w-space, I would have him follow me.

I really like my transient lifestyle, but having to follow my main around all the time just doesn’t sound fun.  If I made a booster character, that is what I would have to do.  The only time I could think of doing that is to use a ship like the Stratios on the second account and drone assist to my main.  That would allow my main to do some of the harder null-sec complexes more quickly.  If I do end up doing a second account, that is probably the route I would take.  But at this point, it is still pretty unlikely.


One thought on “Pondering a second account

  1. evehermit

    When it comes to exploration I almost always fly a single toon – it just slows you down too much trying to dual box when moving around constantly. If you do go for a second account, I feel you really need to ensure you have dual screens and a computer with enough grunt to run them together smoothly. Alt-Tab’ing between two toons is a recipe for disaster.

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