“Pop quiz, hotshot. What do you do?”

Familiar lowsec system very close to home.  It is a pipe system and sees a fair bit of traffic.  But right now, you are alone.  You see  a Ghost Site.  You are already fitted to run it.  You warp to it and scan the cans.  Two of them standout:

ghost site can2 ghost site can1

(1) Which one do you choose first?

You arrive at the first can and just as you start hacking it, 3 pilots show up in the system.  They are all in the same corp.  You recognize one of them as having just passed through the system 2 minutes ago.

(2) Do you finish hacking or warp out?





(and no, shooting the hostage is not an option…)



4 thoughts on ““Pop quiz, hotshot. What do you do?”

  1. Raziel Walker

    1) Choose can 1, TechII icon looks more shiny.
    2) Be greedy and wait until they actually show up on grid but better to warp out straight away.

    Most likely the ghost site will explode before hostiles land so they won’t get any loot anyway?

  2. Baldur Mekorig

    Tough question. I think it depends on what are you flaying, and what you suppose they are flying. Without context, i will try to flee (i fly in a Buzzard, so my weapons are not be seen). If i am in something tougher, i will try to hack the Impant BPC can and get out of there.

  3. Andrew

    I would go with can 2 because I almost always prefer stuff that I can use and I almost never fly with implants but do use those two mobile structures a lot.

    I would continue my hacking. As someone else said the site would likely explode before they arrived. Heck maybe I’d get lucky and they’d get caught in the blast :)

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