“Guts’ll get you so far, then they’ll get you killed”

Follow-up to the previous post.

I picked can#2.  The Tech2 implants were low-grade so I was betting they weren’t worth a ton, and I knew the tractor beam module BPC was pretty new so it had some possibilities.  Normally, I can hack at least 2 cans at a Ghost Site so I was hoping for both.

Then the 3 pilots showed up on local.

One of them, I recognized as passing through the system just a couple of minutes ago and the other 2 pilots were in the same corp.  Did he see the Ghost Site and change ships and/or come back with friends?  The Ghost site is out of d-scan range of both gates so they can’t scan me immediately.  I continue to refresh d-scan constantly while working my way through the minigame.

A Legion and Proteus show up on d-scan.   Time to bail?

I set my orbit to 1000m around the can hoping to slingshot away.  I finish the hack and collect the loot (Wetu BPC, Packrat BPC, Covert Research Tools).

I would really like that other can, but the combination of a Legion and Proteus can take me out pretty easily if they are set up for it.  Still, I think about going for it when suddenly, my engagement flag is activated and I am surrounded by rats.  About 5 seconds later the remaining cans blow up dealing a hefty chunk of explosive damage, and I am warp-disrupted.  Fortunately, I was out of range of the cans when they blew so I am only taking rat damage.

Warp disruption lasts for about 30 seconds after the cans blow up.  During that time, the rats will try to finish you off.  At the end, they all warp away.  (Note: never try to do these sites in a covops ship.  Both the explosion and the rats will kill you.)

I am aligned to a bookmark and speeding away under MWD.  Just in case the Proteus and Legion land, I want to be as far away from the warp-in as possible.

Finally, rats despawn and I warp away safely.

The Proteus and Legion are still in the system and not at either gate.  I don’t know what they are doing (maybe they came in from a wormhole?), but at least they didn’t come straight to me.  I cloak up and leave the system.

As part of my post-op review, I evaluate my decisions and my execution.  In this case, things turned out ok, but I was taking a fair bit of risk for an unknown reward.  The Epilson BPC was worth about 40-50M.  The Gamma BPC was worth about 5-10M.  The can I chose had the Wetu BPC worth about 5-10M and the Packrat BPC.  That one is still too new to have an established price.  The mobile structure isn’t even in eve-central yet.  But I was risking a billion isk ship.

The question was, how big was the risk?  The two Tech-3’s plus whatever the 3rd ship was could have taken me pretty easily.  But they had to act quickly and in conjunction.  I was counting at their hesitation.  Eventually, that is going to get me killed, but since this is only a game – that is half the fun!


One thought on ““Guts’ll get you so far, then they’ll get you killed”

  1. evehermit

    I had forgotten you would be warp disrupted once the rats turned up. I think I would have gone for the same can you had, and been aligned to get some distance from the warp in as soon as ships appeared within 4AU on D-Scan. If I was flying something particularly expensive I’d have aimed for just the one can then moved away.

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