Home is where I hangar my Tengu

Do you have a home in space?

The closest thing I have to a home is a lowsec station in a fairly busy (or used to be) pipe in Blood Raider’s lowsec where I have my PI planets and a small amount of invention and T2 rig manufacturing.  I started it back when data and relic sites were sort of worth it – now I run jobs maybe twice a month.   I also invent and manufacture my T2 ammo there to support my roams in that area.

But I didn’t actually spend much time there.  I rarely logged out there and when I did, it was usually in space.  I had a back-up Tengu and lots of equipment there so when things went awry, that is where I would go.   (In fact, my Tengu there was named “Back-Up Plan”)

As such, it is fairly easy for me to move on.  I have done all the complexes in Blood Raider space and both of the major escalations.  I haven’t done much in Guristas space so I am going to try that out for a while.  I am undecided on setting up a base there.  Right now, I have my low-skill alt (30 days of training) hanging out there in a Blockade Runner full of missiles.  I will investigate moving my PI, but I kind of like my current setup. (I just need to clone jump back every 2 weeks or so to clear my silos and launch pads).

I am attempting to fill in some of the gaps in my Lowsec Complex Guides page.  Right now it is sadly lacking in Guristas (and Serpentis and Angels) content.  I will see if I can remedy that.

I will still bounce around a bit and occasionally run off to null sec, but I am looking forward to learning the ins and outs of a new area.  In fact, I was already welcomed to the new area by a Cyclone following me into a complex, but that is a story for another day.


One thought on “Home is where I hangar my Tengu

  1. Raziel Walker

    Right now I am homeless. I have to many places I hang out in to call any one place home.
    Characters in Habu where I mine.
    Character in Raneilles where I manufacture (was isazawa before)
    Character in Hevrice that still needs to be relocated since SF moved.
    Characters in J161846 where I occasionaly do PI.

    Stuff in 1IX-C0 and K-8SQS where I still feel at home despite leaving the area almost two years ago. I want to place my own station in nullsec so I can call it home.

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