Exploration Log Supplemental

Short follow-up to yesterday’s log.

I finished the final escalation of Angel’s powergrid today.  I was kind of on the fence about finishing it because it is in a fairly active area of nullsec and completing it before it expires would require changing my personal schedule around a bit.

The first nullsec system I went through had 48 occupants.  Fortunately, none of them were camping the gate at the hour I passed through.  The destination system had 2 permanent occupants and 6-10 on a transitory basis.  I set up my bookmarks, refit and warped to the gate of the complex.  Gates are nice because at least you get a little warning if someone is coming.

I cleared the first room in about 7 minutes.  Traffic spiked at one point and I saw core scan probes, but never combat probes.  (There were no signatures in the system, not sure if the scanner was a noob or if they meant to launch combat probes and didn’t have them).  In the second room, you only have to kill the commander.  I orbited at 60km and fired a few rounds of Javelins, just to test his tank.  His shields were dropping pretty fast so I continued with the Javelins.  At this point, I am more worried about someone scanning me down to steal the complex than I am about dying.

Anyway, the Commander explodes, and I bookmark his wreck and warp out.  I wait a couple of minutes for the complex to despawn and warp back to the wreck.  The wreck is completely empty.  He doesn’t even drop ammo or meta modules.

Sometimes you get nothing.