Fanfest stuff

I spent most of my weekend doing yard projects and generally being outdoors.  I didn’t play EVE at all, but I did read a few blog posts about the various Fanfest announcements, etc.  Stuff I am interested in:

New faction ships.  New ships are always interesting.  Sisters of Eve ships caused a big splash when they were announced and I expect these new ships will be similar.  They appear to be focused on Caldari/Minnmatar (where SOE was Amarr/Gallente) and they are missile ships.  That makes them automatically interesting to me because missiles are the only weapon system I have maxed out.  They are skirmish ships with a bonus to warp disruption range.  I will be following them closely.

New Tech 2 mining frigate.  This is a mining frigate that can cloak and has a 10,000 m3 ore bay.  If nothing else, it will be great for hauling ore around in lowsec.  This is actually a bit of a problem for me.  I tend to collect battleship meta modules in the course of my exploration.  The only real use to me is in re-processing them down to minerals and then using those minerals to make things (mostly missiles).  But hauling the modules or the ore around is a bit of a pain.  Being able to do it in a cloaky frigate might alleviate that pain.  I suppose I might also mine occasionally if I am short on ore for something.  I am not really a miner, but I have at least thought about it so I might try this ship out eventually.

6 week development schedule.  I kind of have mixed feelings about this.  I don’t do a great job of keeping up with or reacting to changes as it is.  This might make it worse.  But is is probably better for the game.

Tech 3 Ship changes.  This wasn’t really announced at Fanfest, but it seems to be on the radar.  Any changes here are automatically a high priority for me because I depend so much on my Tengu and its various subsystems.

Industrial Changes.  The most important part of this to me is that it will open up copy and invention slots.  Travelling around lowsec to make copies (and carrying data sheets with me) so I can manufacture missiles is a major pain.  I would pay a LOT of ISK to avoid that.  So if this means that I can do copying in my “home” system, I am absolutely on board.  As for the rest of the changes, I guess I will wait to see how they play out.  The new interface sure sounds nice.

CSM 9 announcements.  It is probably a bad sign that I can’t remember exactly who I voted for or what order I voted for them, but I am pleased to see that Sugar Kyle and Mike Azariah and Steve Ronuken all made it in.  I don’t have high expectations, but they seem to work hard enough and be passionate about wanting to be there.

EVE Valkyrie.  I am still disappointed that Facebook is involved in this, but I still look forward to trying it out eventually.  It sounds very cool, both for EVE and for gaming in general.  I can’t help but wonder when Blizzard is going to get in on the VR action and what they will do with it.  I tend to be a late adopter on such things so this isn’t really on my radar for 2014 (other than to read about it).