Blood Owned Station

The Blood Owned Station is an escalation that can be triggered by completing a Blood Minor Annex.

It consists of three lowsec escalations and and a fourth final escalation that is usually in nullsec.

To your surprise, the Overseer seems to have spent the last moments of his life sending some message to your ship on a private channel, a fact you learn from a blinking entry on your communication panel a few seconds after his innards slid across your windshield [Really CCP?  I have a space windshield?], bounced along your fuselage and were sucked into your thrusters. It appears he wanted to save his life by telling you the whereabouts of some place you could load your cargohold with riches, but before he could get very far with his offer, his journey ended. All you have is some hysteric babble about a hidden mining station at a certain location.

Escalation 1

The first escalation is in open space (no acceleration gate).

BOS1The heavy missile batteries hit for a lot of dps up front, but you only have to kill the Dark Blood Seer cruiser.  There is no neuting.  I have done this with both passive and active fits.  The faction cruiser may drop faction loot or implants.  If you get an escalation, you will get this message:

BOS esc2 msg

Escalation 2

The second escalation is also in open space with no acceleration gate.  There is Dark Blood Cruiser as the Overseer/trigger.  It may drop Dark Blood loot and/or implants.


I didn’t experience any E-war at this site.  I have done the room with both passive and active fits.  There is an acceleration gate that leads to a room with some rogue drone ships including a couple of a battleships.  As far as I know, the room is entirely optional and has no secondary trigger if the killing the Overseer fails to escalate.

If you do get an escalation, this is the message:

BOS esc3 msg

Escalation 3

The third escalation is also in open space with no acceleration gate.  There is Dark Blood Cruiser as the Overseer/trigger.  It may drop Dark Blood loot and/or implants.


The Harbringers neut pretty hard at just under 30km.  They start just out of range so you are not neuted upon landing, but it is pretty tough to maintain range on all of them.  The Overseer has a fairly typical cruiser tank so I recommend a passive fit or a passive/active hybrid.  I didn’t encounter any other E-war.

If the site escalates again, you will get this message:

BOS esc4 msg


Final Escalation

The final escalation is almost always in nullsec.  There is no acceleration gate.  When you land, this is what you will see:


The frigates will use tracking disruption.  They may also web and warp scramble.  I recommend killing them first.  I used an active fit similar to what I would use for a 5/10 or 6/10 complex.  The ultimate target is the Blood Research Outpost (not pictured above).  You can destroy it without destroying any of the other ships.  When you attack it, you get this message:


Attacking it triggers continuous smart bomb damage of about 2000 every 2-3 seconds alternating between kinetic and thermal.  I don’t know the exact range, but it usually hits me no matter where I am.  As long as you are moving and not webbed or taking much damage from the other guards, this damage usually doesn’t matter and it doesn’t last all that long.  The station doesn’t usually last at all that long either.  Potential drops include Corpum A-type modules (the best is a Corpum A-type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane worth about 950 million isk) Dark Blood Modules and an Ashimmu BPC.

Closing message:  “Now you kind of regret killing the Overseer back there, it is always useful to know corrupt leaders who are ready to sell out things like this outpost in exchange for something as cheap as their own petty lives.”  [Ha! Easy to say as immortal capsuleer!]