The argument for Lowsec

Sugar Kyle (CSM9) has made it.

On the other hand I had these guys who lived in low sec, made oodles of money doing exploration and doing these insane level five missions and killed the people who came after them without seeming to break a sweat. Sometimes they died. But, they tended to kill more than they lost. They were not afraid to talk in local. They were not afraid of war decs. They were not afraid to fly what they wanted to fly when they wanted to fly it. They lived in danger. They took on uneven odds. They played Eve in a wild, violent, excited frenzy while they dictated what they wanted and when they wanted it.

That is what I wanted.

I rambled a bit about lowsec once before.  But I think Sugar has nailed what most people want out of lowsec – and maybe EVE in general.  A dangerous game, but a game where you are not afraid – even if you die (gloriously) a few times in the process.  A game where you can fight back, or attack pre-emptively.  A game where you risk and win, where the odds may or may not be in your favor.

Time for a fairly recent story.

I was doing an Angels 6/10 plex.  I was in the last room, fighting the second to last wave when a Cyclone showed up.  As he worked his way through the previous room, I put some distance between me and the warp-in beacon.  About 65km to be precise (the range of my Javelins).  The Cyclone lands, I lock him up and start shooting.  He closes in on me pretty fast, but even with his reps, I have him in armor by the time he is within warp disruptor range.  He warps out and I figure he is gone.  2 minutes later, I see him again.  This time though, he is the one putting distance between us.  He stays about 90km out and just sits there.

Hmm…  I think I know what he is doing.  I switch back to my shorter range Rage missiles and finish clearing the Angels ships.  When I am on the last ship, I pause when it is at 50% armor and reload.  Sure enough – in comes the Cyclone.  I start shooting as soon as I can, but he lands on me and immediately begins neuting, webbing, and warp scrambling me.  I turn of my active reps, but leave my harderners on and continue pounding away at him.  My cap drops to about 20%, but seems to hold there.  I suspect he ran out of his own cap and can only run 1 of his neuts.  My hardeners are still on and I have enough cap for maybe 2 reps.  It doesn’t matter though because his LASB has run out of charges and is reloading.  I burst through his armor and structure before he can get way.  His pod escapes, I loot the Cylcone (not much there) and finish the plex.

He didn’t win, but he had a good shot at it.  I appreciate those folks out there that keep lowsec a dangerous and interesting place.  And I learned a few things from his fit.  I think it could have been tweaked a bit to be much more dangerous to me than it was.  I might even try it out if my ideas are correct.  Just doing my part to help keep lowsec dangerous – and interesting.




7 thoughts on “The argument for Lowsec

  1. George

    he probably is a new “magician” in game. You were extremely lucky. You have no chance of surviving against a proper claymore’s fit shooting the right type of ammo (in this case EM) direct into your hole resist.
    Best Regards

    P.S. Great blog, I am a big fun of you. Keep writing.

  2. Anonymous

    I am exactly the same, in that I too “appreciate those folks out there that keep lowsec a dangerous and interesting place.” Except I like playing both sides, depending on my mood.
    I think George misread “Cyclone,” but in any case I think a dual ASB cyclone would have given you a harder time, unless your kill one a dual rep one. But now I can go search for it on the killboards! =]

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