Align Alone

So far, one new blogger taken me up on my offer to link any new EVE blogger with at least 5 posts up.  You can read about his exploits at  He is another solo player focusing on Faction Warfare with some exploration and a handful of other enterprises thrown in.

Today, he has a great story up about being ambushed in an combat gas site by EVE Uni pilots.

Not only that, but his Tengu fit looks vaguely familiar (although I might suggest dropping one of the hardeners for some jamming resistance if you are facing Guristas, it will make the site go faster).

Go check out his blog!



3 thoughts on “Align Alone

  1. Butcher Hentes


    It’s an honor getting a shout out from you!
    Thank you!

    Yes, the Tengu fit is straight from your guide! :)
    Against Guristas you recommend a Sebo. I have one in my cargohold for harder sites. That drug site seemed pretty easy so I didn’t bother switching over. Or would you rather maybe suggest an ECCM – (the type that guristas use)?

    Haven’t had the luck of finding any decent site to run in Guristas :(
    Placid Lowsec seems to be very busy! Was previously down in Molden-Heath, which was basically empty :)

    Thanks again!

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