Some more love for low sec exploration

Forum Post

CCP Fozzie announced some changes to the current Pirate implants (for a great guide to these implants see Jester’s Trek).

The current low-grade pirate implants will maintain their current bonuses and give a +3 attribute bonus.  The will be re-named to “mid-grade”.

The current high-grade pirate implants will maintain their current bonuses and give a +4 attribute bonus.

A NEW low-grade pirate implant will be added to the game.  It will give a +2 attribute bonus and its other bonus will be approximately 2/3 of the old low-grade (now mid-grade) set.

The Ascendency set will not get a new low-grade implant.  Attribute bonuses will be bumped to +3 (mid-grade) and +4 (high-grade).

Per CCP Fozzie “These [new] implants will initially be available exclusively through low-sec exploration.  At a later point they will be added to the appropriate LP stores.  The existing implants (high-grade and renamed mid-grade) will continue to drop in the same places as before and be available in LP stores at the same prices as before.”

Currently both low-grade (renamed to mid-grade) and high-grade implants occasionally drop from Overlords during expeditions from DED unrated exploration sites.  Since both of these types of implants are gaining an attribute point, they will both increase in value.  This is a straight up buff to exploration (and missioning for pirate corps).

Allowing the new low-grade implants to ONLY drop in low-sec exploration is interesting.  Usually the lower grade implants only dropped from the frigate/destroyer/cruiser sized escalations.  Most of these are in high-sec with the final escalation being in low-sec.  CCP Fozzie isn’t stating where exactly in low sec exploration these will drop so I can only guess.  In any case, this is a buff, but a very modest one.  No matter how rare they are initially, the price on the new low-grade implants will never exceed the price of the newly named mid-grade implants and the supply of those implants remains the same.  Perhaps CCP plans to make up for the low price with a relatively high quantity of drops.