No Time for Kronos

Not much EVE the last two weeks.  I did get Kronos downloaded and installed, but I haven’t done anything other than update a training queue.  I have been experimenting with some oddball ship fits in EFT.  I tried one of them a couple of days before Kronos, but wasn’t happy with the results.  Sometimes things look better in EFT than they play out in the actual game.

In RL, I have been sailing, rock climbing, and flew halfway across the country for a job interview.  EVE is more of a winter hobby for me so my play time and blog posts may diminish over the coming weeks.

Other tidbits:

There is definitely a Jester sized hole in my daily blog reading.  It is going to take 7 bloggers combined to replace him.  I wish him well.

I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks and this last week was my 2nd highest ever in terms of total page views.  Not sure what that means.

I do see some other bloggers (and new bloggers) stepping up and posting more.  Not sure if that is a side effect of missing Jester or just part of the expansion phase – it is easier to blog when there are changes to talk about.




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