Rescuing the Besieged Guristas

I logged in last night to a bit of uncertainty.  I am in a gimped fit Tengu that was supposed to meet up with an alt in a blockade runner to pick up some much-needed modules.  That rendezvous never happened so I had to make some choices.

Do I still attempt to make the rendezvous?  That will require some serious scanning and lucky wormhole connections.  Should I head over to a lowsec base where I have enough equipment stashed to make this ship viable?  Should I turn around and head back to high-sec and refit?

I chose option C.  But as I was heading out, I noticed one of the new sites on my scanner.  There was a “Besieged Covert Operation Facility” in the system!  I warped to it cloaked at 100km to check it out.  All I could see was a single can.  I docked and refit the best that I could (including a data analyzer) and warped t the site.

Upon landing, 3 Mordu Legion Battleships spawned and started attacking me.  I used the data analyzer on the can, but the mini game didn’t come up.  I got a message that I couldn’t access it while it was being guarded.  I killed the 3 battleships and tried again, but got the same message as 5 more Battleships spawned.  All 5 of them webbed and warp scrambled me.  I eventually killed them, but it was closer than I would have liked.  Thankfully no other players landed on grid.

After dispatching the last battleship, I approached the can and opened it.

Beseiged Covert Facility Drops

I picked up one of the new low-grade implants (Snake Delta in this case) and a ship-skin for a Brutix Serpentis Edition.  Since I was already planning to head to high-sec, I decided to pick up a Brutix and re-skin it using the new manufacturing interface.

I was a bit disappointed.  I forgot the manufacturing changes don’t go live until the next mini-expansion.  In any case, I flew the shiny new Brutix around a bit and took a couple of pictures before putting it up for sale.


brutix serp 2 brutix serp 1

So I got to try out some of the new content.  It felt a bit odd helping out the Guristas (you get a “thank you” message in local) since I am usually killing them.  I think I also received a bounty for killing Mordu’s Legion which was also a bit odd.  It didn’t seem to hurt my standings with them though.  Perhaps these are rogue elements of the Legion?

My Tengu is not back in Empire space for re-fitting.  Going to try a couple more ideas and then go roaming when I get the time.

I also need to eventually fly or clone jump to where my PI planets are.  Even with only casually remembering to restart my extractors I have a launch pad and storage silo nearly full Tier 2 planet goo.





2 thoughts on “Rescuing the Besieged Guristas

  1. mekorig

    Pilgrim, you are the first in doing a report about this site on the normal server. I readed about the site in the test server, and the report said the rats were really hard to beat.

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      Hard is relative I suppose. I had kind of a cobbled together fit that was part passive tank, part Large Ancillary Shield Booster (with a total of 27 charges). I figure I took about 25k damage based on how much I ran the booster and how much HP I had left at the end. I had about 70% omni-resists and I was doing about 700 kinetic dps. The Mordu ships were shield tankers and died fast after the shields were down. I would say they were comparable in tank to most of the tougher (non-named) battleships in 5/10 and 6/10 complexes. They mostly landed about 4-9km away.

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