Milestone: 50 Million Skillpoints

I just crossed over 50 Million skillpoints.  A few months ago at 40 million, I asked the question; Now what? I wasn’t sure what direction to go.  I was pretty much at the point of diminishing returns for training towards my playstyle and preferred ship.

So what did I end up doing?  Well, I added 3M skillpoints to scanning to max out everything but Astrometic Acquisition.  I added 1.6M skillpoints to Navigation maxing out everything but MicroJump Drives and Warp Drive Operation.  I added about 1M skillpoints to Armor.  From there it was a mix-match of other things (a few drone skills, e-war skills, rigging, targeting, etc).

With what I trained I can fly a passable Stratios/Astero and my fitting skills are pretty much maxed out.  So now I can start training other ships and weapons systems.  I remapped to Perception/Willpower at 48M skillpoints (my first remap on this character since my initial remap a few months after creation).  I am focusing on getting an Arty Loki and from there I will probably branch out to other Cruisers and a variety of ships.  I will also pick up Advanced Weapons Upgrades V and possibly take my Heavy Assault Missile Specialization to V.

Here is my current skill breakout (rounded to nearest 100k) with some commentary.

Armor 1 500 000: Up from 400 000.  I maxed out Repair Systems & Hull Upgrades and took the Armor Comp & Layering skills to IV.

Corporation Management 1 000: No change

Drones 1 900 000: Up from 1 400 000.  I took a bunch of skills to IV (including Heavy and Sentry Drones)

Electronic Systems 900 000: Up from 400,000.  I added a few E-war skills and took a couple of skills to IV.

Engineering 3 400 000: No change

Gunnery 1 200 000: Up from 500 000. I took Gunnery to V and and working on Medium Projectile Turret V.

Missiles 9 700 000: No Change.

Navigation 3 900 000: Up from 2 300 000I was nicely mapped to support Nav skills so I took advantage before remapping. I maxed everything but MicroJump Drives and Warp Drive Operation.

Neural Enhancement 200 000: No Change

Planet Management 400 000: No Change

Production 1 100 000: No Change

Resource Processing 800 000: No Change

Rigging 660 000: Up from 400 000.  Picked up Shield Rigging IV and something else.

Scanning 5 900 000: Up from 2 900 000.  I now am maxed out on strength and deviation with Astrometic Pinpointing and Rangefinding to V.  I only took Acquisition to IV, I just couldn’t justify the days required to save a second.

Science 1 100 000:  No Change.

Shields 1 500 000:  Up from 1 400 000.  Improved a couple of passive compensation skills.

Social 200 000: No Change

Spaceship Command 12 100 000:   Up from 11 800 000. 

Subsystems 2 000 000: Up from 1 300 000.  I picked up the Minnmatar subsystems that didn’t require Perception.

Targeting 500 000: Up from 200 000.  I took Signature Analysis to V and Gravimetic Sensor Comp to IV. 

Trade 66 000: No Change.