Out of Office

I am heading out on family vacation for about 10 days.  Probably won’t be blogging.

I wanted to throw out a couple of links though:

It was only active for about 3 months, but “Scumbag Hanz” had a pretty amusing blog about his adventures in Ninja Salvaging and Ninja Looting.  I am adding it to the relevant part of my new player exploration guide.

Another blog that is fairly new is Across the Threshold.  I noticed it on the Blog Banter and it is a pretty interesting read.  It is the tales of a fairly new CEO of a fairly new Wormhole corp.  Go check it out.

I already added the Killmail Archivist to my blogroll.  He has only been blogging since May, but he is going to be a phenomenon.  He is already being compared to Jester, and since he is part of Rote Kapelle the connection carries some weight.  If you aren’t reading him already, you will be shortly.

Finally, there is this exploration guide site.  It has lots of ads and it is written to make money for the author (and heavily promoted on Reddit), but it is decently done.  It focuses on the data/relic side of exploration and gives a good overview and some good tips.