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How I feel about CAPTCHA’s

I am exceedingly bad a CAPTCHA’s.  Especially if I try to do them on my phone, which is were I read most of my EVE blogs.  I have failed so many comments to Blogspot’s CAPTCHA, that I have pretty much given up commenting there.

For my site, there is no CAPTCHA, no login, no email required.  And WordPress still manages to filter all the spam very nicely.  (Maybe too well – I don’t check the spam folder to see if anything legitimate has been stuck there).

Anyway – this made me laugh and pretty much sums up how I feel about CAPTCHA’s.




Postcards from last week

Selfie at the Eve Gate

A wormhole dumped me into Genesis,  and I was only about 6 jumps from the Eve Gate.  I decided to make the trek.  Not all that impressive really.


A view of the Blood Annex

I entered a Blood Annex that was curiously devoid of ships.  Shooting the structure still brought the Overseer, so maybe someone else cleared them and left??


Sansha Owned Station

The final escalation of Sansha’s Owned Station was decidedly NOT devoid of ships.  I turned off my HUD and just stared at the screen for a while.  Eve really is a beautiful game.


Exploration Log Supplemental

Quick follow-up from the previous post.

I was able to finish the Sansha Owned Station expedition.  It was the first time that one escalated all the way for me.  Oddly enough,  the last site of the escalation was in lowsec not nullsec.  It didn’t drop much, just an A-type Kinetic membrane worth about 40M isk.  The second to last site was actually better, it dropped a True Sansha Stasis Web worth about 180M isk.  Total haul for the minor annex and escalation was about 450M isk.

I made some notes on it and will eventually make a guide about it.

Exploration Log 24-July-2014

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

UNDOCK: 30 days

Game Time: Approx 3 hours

Location(s): Sanshas Lowsec, Blood Raiders Lowsec

System Count: 9

Sites Run: Combat 2

Ghost sites seen: 0

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: 1,400M ISK

Comments: It has been 30 days since I last docked my main.  In that time, my alt has docked 4 times.  He 1)picked up missiles at a station, 2)picked up skillbooks at another station, 3)bought some morphite at another station, and 4) dropped loot at a highsec station for shipment to Jita.  This project will probably continue indefinitely.  My main may never dock again (unless he gets podded or I feel compelled to restyle my profile pic).

I have had several short sessions of playtime over the last week.  Most of them have been nothing.  I ran a minor and regular blood annex with little loot and no escalation.  I ran a couple of relic and data sites just because I wasn’t finding anything else.  I haven’t seen a Ghost site in lowsec in probably 3 months.  I have followed a couple of wormholes into nullsec and found nothing.  Basically, I was having a pretty dry run at exploration.  It happens.

That changed tonight.  I was running the same systems (in reverse) that I had run a couple of days ago.  This time I found a Sanshas Minor Annex.  I ran it, it dropped about 230M isk in loot and it escalated.  Nice.  On my way to the escalation, I found a Crimson Hand Supply Depot and decided to run it as well.  The last time I ran this, I got basically nothing.  This time, I got a Cynabal BPC (120M isk), a Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane (1,000M isk), and a couple of other Corpum A-type items.  My total haul for the 2 sites was over 1.4 Billion isk.

I should still have the opportunity to run the escalation tonight so I will see if that turns into anything.  (It did).



Never Have I Ever

I have a lot of fun with EVE.  It is a deep and interesting game.  It satisfies an itch for me, and I enjoy it immensely.  On that account, I am winning at EVE.

But I am not a completionist.  I do the stuff in EVE that is fun for me with the time slots that I have.  As such, I have only experienced a fairly narrow section of the game.  I don’t PVP much, but I enjoy it when I do.  Mostly, I fly around looking for things and watching other pilots.  I have had a few offers for group play, but so far I have declined them.

My main character is not quite 2.5 years old.  Compared to most pilots that age, I expect that I could probably win the game “Never Have I Ever“.

Prepared to be amused…

 Never Have I Ever:

Flown a battleship

Flown an ORE ship

Flown a capital or super-capital ship

Set up a POS

Used a POS

Been inside the shields of a POS

Used a Titan Bridge

Been in a Fleet

Run any of the epic arc missions

Run a Level 5 mission

Run an incursion

Repped another player using a logistics ship

Participated in a Mining Operation

Ganked anyone in High Sec

Mined Ice

Mined Gas

Researched a Blueprint

Engaged in Faction Warfare

Had more than 1 account

Given out an API key