Milestone: 50k page views

Just got back from vacation and haven’t logged into EVE yet.

Sometime over the last few days I crossed over 50,000 page views.  When I started this little blog back in October, I was pretty happy to break double digits on any given day and a thousand views (total) seemed like a lot.

Anyway, this post is pretty much for those that happen to be interesting in blogging.  Maybe there will be some actual EVE stuff later this week.

50k snapshot

Page Views by Month

As you can see from the chart I have had pretty steady growth.  It leveled off in June, but that may be because of summer or because I didn’t blog much in June.  Or maybe that is the natural peak of this blog.  I am not sure what drove the increase in May.  I pretty much average 300-400 page views a day whether I post or not.  My best day ever was 763 views from a post that I listed on Reddit.


50k referrers

Inbound Traffic

My inbound traffic is dominated by Google searches.  I also get a small spike from Lowsec Lifestyle when I have a new post.  The Reddit traffic comes from me answering questions and promoting a couple of posts.  Someone in Eve Uni listed my blog on their forums for lowsec exploration.  That was about 6 months ago and I still get traffic from it.  I do get some traffic from other blogs, but it is lower than I expected.

50k outbound

Outbound Traffic

My outbound traffic (especially to other blogs) is fairly anemic.  Markets for ISK gets some decent traffic because it is linked on one of my most popular posts (I say that it is a better site than mine if all you want to do is make ISK).  Jester’s Trek, the EVE wiki, the EVE Uni wiki, and the EVE-O forums are all reference links.  My blog roll is pretty much meant for me, but I do enjoy highlighting other bloggers that people may not have read – especially if they have exploration related content.

50k top posts

Top Posts

As of these screenshots, I had 140 posts.  My guides, reviews, and ship fittings are the most popular and generate most of the search traffic to the site.

Anyway, I am not sure if this was helpful or interesting to anyone but me.




2 thoughts on “Milestone: 50k page views

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus

    Congrats on your milestone!

    Sugar Kyle’s blog, Low Sec Lifestyle, gets people clicking on the side bar. It has supplanted the now defunct Jester’s Trek as a prime traffic source for my own blog. Must be the magic of the CSM.

    And I am glad to see I am sending you a little bit of traffic now and again.

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