Project UNDOCK

I have a little EVE project that I am thinking about.  A couple of the changes over the last 12 months have had a huge impact on my playstyle.  First was the introduction of mobile depots.  This allowed me to refit in space without having to redock.  A more recent change was increasing the number of lowsec to lowsec wormholes.  It wasn’t a huge increase, but it was definitely noticeable.  This allows reaching all areas of lowsec space without traveling through highsec.  If I were of low security status, this would be pretty cool.  As it is, I use them fairly often to traverse space.

As a result, I am wandering even more than previously.  I used to stay within 10-20 jumps of my re-stock location so that I could get more missiles.  Now I am wandering the universe with my backpack (alt flying a blockade runner).  So I am going to see just how long I can go without docking my main.  The backpack will need to dock occasionally to refill on missiles and to drop goods off in stations to be shipped to market for sale, but my main should have no reason to dock unless he loses his ship.

Skills like Supply Chain Management will allow my main to still do some manufacturing if needed and Marketing and Daytrading will allow for the selling of goods at market from up to 20 jumps away.

The one downside is that I may eventually get tired of my Tengu and want to fly something else.  And I am not sure exactly how I am going to continue to manage my PI.  Finally, one could argue that it is a pointless exercise – no one will know if I actually do it or not, and I will still have to dock with my alt occasionally.  Also – why should I handicap myself?  My only answer to that is that it keeps the game interesting.  Also, I think the more time you spend out in space (and not in a station) the more fun EVE is.  So this is a way to encourage that.


3 thoughts on “Project UNDOCK

  1. splatus

    Interesting project – I have done this many times when I drift through wormhole space with my two alts. I had several weeks without going through Empire space at all. Granted, I am looking for easy prey to pounce on (and mostly can’t find it) and not PvE. I recently spent 4 weeks or so deep in Nullsec with an alt hacking sites – only come back to civilization when I had my hold full of loot and a WH route to High Sec…

    I always imagine my characters to be relieved when they dock, take a shower and a proper meal. Days and weeks in pod-goo must be bad for the skin….

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