Failing at giving money to CCP and making another donation instead

With PLEX prices continuing to rise, I am going to reach the point where I decide to start paying for my account instead of PLEXing it.  I am playing pretty casually these days and spending 800M ISK on PLEX seems like a lot.  My initial goal in playing was to be able to PLEX my account and I have done so for about 20 months now.  I actually started this blog as a way of “giving back” since I felt a bit guilty about not paying CCP any money.

Anyway, my account comes due in about a week and rather than buying PLEX, I was going to let my credit card do its business.  Except that I know that the card on the account expired about 9 months ago.  So I logged in to update my account and was unable to do so.  There is NO option for changing the credit card on the account.  The only options I could see were to let my account lapse and get some kind of notification from CCP about it or I could “purchase additional game time” ahead of when I needed it and hope that the purchase updated my existing account with the new credit card information.  Neither of those are great options, but I couldn’t see anything else.

While this was going on, I stumbled across this post by Sindel (of The Angel Project) and couldn’t help but comment.  She sort of mentioned using a mix of one of my Lowsec Tengu fits and failing at a Sansha’s 5/10.  So to prove that my fit would in fact work, I sent her a Tengu with all of the modules listed*.

Now since my main is undocked, and neither of my alts have enough training to assemble for fit a Tengu, I had to use a series of contracts.  The contract ended up being for a Tengu with all of the subsytems and components and not a fitted ship.  In the process, I discovered that Tas Exile (my blogging alt) was sitting on a PLEX.  I think it was for a contest that I never finished putting together, but I redeemed it for another 30 days of game time.  So the problem of the credit card and whether or not to keep buying PLEX on the market and redeeming them for game time is kicked down the road for another 30 days.

I am not sure what it means that I am on the fence as to whether or not I should continue PLEXing my account, but I have zero problem giving away a Tengu that is worth nearly a PLEX.



* She mentioned in the comments that her skills were the issue, not the ship fit, so I downgraded the Shield Boost Amplifier to a Meta IV and added a Capacitor Flux Coil.  It relaxes the fitting requirements so that Power/CPU fit and it is cap stable with skills only at IV’s across the board. 


4 thoughts on “Failing at giving money to CCP and making another donation instead

  1. evehermit

    Had the same issue some time back with an expired credit card. From vague memory you had to wait until the account expired – or maybe the last day. In my case I was told to wait for the failed automatic payment, then update it with new details.

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      If it fails, and you don’t update it immediately, does it cancel you training queue? I had heard tales of those that let their account lapse in the middle of a 14 day train and lost the days invested in that skill.

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