Never Have I Ever

I have a lot of fun with EVE.  It is a deep and interesting game.  It satisfies an itch for me, and I enjoy it immensely.  On that account, I am winning at EVE.

But I am not a completionist.  I do the stuff in EVE that is fun for me with the time slots that I have.  As such, I have only experienced a fairly narrow section of the game.  I don’t PVP much, but I enjoy it when I do.  Mostly, I fly around looking for things and watching other pilots.  I have had a few offers for group play, but so far I have declined them.

My main character is not quite 2.5 years old.  Compared to most pilots that age, I expect that I could probably win the game “Never Have I Ever“.

Prepared to be amused…

 Never Have I Ever:

Flown a battleship

Flown an ORE ship

Flown a capital or super-capital ship

Set up a POS

Used a POS

Been inside the shields of a POS

Used a Titan Bridge

Been in a Fleet

Run any of the epic arc missions

Run a Level 5 mission

Run an incursion

Repped another player using a logistics ship

Participated in a Mining Operation

Ganked anyone in High Sec

Mined Ice

Mined Gas

Researched a Blueprint

Engaged in Faction Warfare

Had more than 1 account

Given out an API key







7 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever

  1. Sugar Kyle

    And you are happy and that’s great! It means if you decide for something new it will be easy and if you don’t you’ll still be happy because you define your own games.

  2. evehermit

    I’ve covered a lot of your Never Have I Ever list. What remains I will probably never do – such as ganking in High Sec, Faction Warfare, or flying a Super-Capital. I’ll have to add this idea to my blog notes.

  3. Raziel Walker

    Never flown a real capital: (super) carrier, dread, titan.
    Never flew a black ops or jump freighter.
    Never set up a POS
    Never ran a level 5 mission
    Never ganked anyone in high sec

  4. Anonymous

    Never have I ever…

    Done any real PvE in eve besides the intro missions 4 years ago. Until I found this blog a few months ago. I’ve only PvPed and occasionally done some PvE when others organized it.

    Found this blog and finally finished training my alt into a tengu. Have actually really enjoyed the PvE content and well the loot is great as well.

    Just wanted to say thanks. Also – ever ventured into nul sec to run DED sites down there? Any thoughts on it?

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      I have, but I haven’t had great luck with it. The sites take longer (if you run them solo) and the loot isn’t significantly better for the time investment. I will keep going back though. Other have had good experiences and I highly recommend them for two players that want to play together.

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