How I feel about CAPTCHA’s

I am exceedingly bad a CAPTCHA’s.  Especially if I try to do them on my phone, which is were I read most of my EVE blogs.  I have failed so many comments to Blogspot’s CAPTCHA, that I have pretty much given up commenting there.

For my site, there is no CAPTCHA, no login, no email required.  And WordPress still manages to filter all the spam very nicely.  (Maybe too well – I don’t check the spam folder to see if anything legitimate has been stuck there).

Anyway – this made me laugh and pretty much sums up how I feel about CAPTCHA’s.




One thought on “How I feel about CAPTCHA’s

  1. A concerned Minmatar

    Interesting. I’m not sure I could solve this type of captcha personally, but I wonder if a computer couldn’t be programmed to solve it quite effectively. Colouring pixels black in areas with much contrast should generate a reasonable outline.

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