An exploration bouquet

After a dry spell of about 2 months, I finally found a Ghost site!  There was a -9.9 status pilot from a regional pirate corp in local (no stations), so I scanned and the other signatures and waited until he left.  Eventually he did so I warped to the site.

Cargo scanning revealed one of the cans had an Mid-Grade Ascendency Epsilon BPC and some Shattered Villiard Wheels.  The rest just had some Covert Ops tools.  I was able to hack the can I wanted and warp out before the Ghost rats showed up.  I warped cloaked to a Besieged Covert Facility to take a look and saw that it had one of the new Thukker complexes.  I refit at a mobile depot and warped back to run the site.

I was a bit nervous watching people pass through local was I was webbed and scrammed, but I finished taking down the battleships and looted the can.  It had a ship skin and a few covert tools, but no implants.  I destroyed the Thukker complex, but it only dropped a few more covert tools.

The system also had a Blood Minor Annex and a Blood Vigil.  I ran the Minor Annex first, but it didn’t escalate and the loot was minor.  I then ran the Blood Vigil.  I kind of have mixed feelings about seeing Blood Vigils in lowsec.  When you scan one down, it is a bit of a disappointment because it share the same signal strength as a major annex and 6/10 complex.  Also, if it does escalate, the first escalation is in high sec.  Sometimes that can be a large number of jumps away.

On the positive side, it is a very easy complex to run in a Tengu.  And it can drop fairly decent loot for a short time investment.

I didn’t have any tags for Vigils (gold I think?), but I didn’t need them.  The first room just requires you to blow up a Blood Chapel to open the gate.  If you can tank a 5/10, you can blitz that room without going below 95% shields.  The second room has EM fields to destroy, but once you do, you can pretty much just hit the battlestation and kill the overseer without bothering with the rest of the ships.  I remember first doing this complex with a Drake and having to warp out after killing the EM fields.  A billion isk ship and a year of additional training make a big difference.

The site escalated and the overseer dropped a Dark Blood Stasis Web, so the site ended up being more valuable than the Blood Minor Annex was.  Also, since I was only 1 jump from high sec, the escalation was only 4 jumps away.  I was able to run that quickly.  It dropped minor loot and didn’t escalate again.

I brought my “backpack” (alt in a blockade runner) to the system to pick up the loot and drop off some missiles.

All in all, it was a fun night.  Counting the escalation, I ran 5 fairly quick sites.  I made some isk (didn’t keep close track), and got a nice variety of content.  Getting yet another implant BPC has got me thinking about restarting my PI using an idea I had a while ago.  I am going to do some math and look into it.