Newbie Treasure Hunt

I am organizing an in-game Treasure Hunt for newish players.

Starting time:  59 minutes after downtime on 16 Aug 2014 (11:59 EVE time)

Character requirements:  Must be between 1 month and 12 months old as of 1 Aug 2014

Ship requirements: You will need to be able to cargo scan and use combat probes (expanded probe launcher).  A MWD is highly recommended.  A fast ship with scanning bonuses is best – either a T1 exploration frigate or a Covops frigate.

Travel requirements: All locations are in high sec space.  Due to anchoring restrictions, it will be in 0.5 – 0.7 space.  It is possible that it will be shorter to travel through lowsec between locations, but it is not required.  Do so at your own risk.

Rewards:  Rewards will be modest.  Each container will have some random exploration loot.  The final container will have something useful for exploration.

Registration:  Send Tas Exile an in-game mail.  I will only respond to characters that meet the age limit.  I will send you starting instructions including a staging area, a container name, and the last 4 characters of the container password.  The first 3 characters of the password will be provided via game mail at the start of the hunt.

How it works:  Everyone will assemble at the staging system.  At 11:59 EVE time, I will log in, send a massmail to the participants with a starting system and 3 character password prefix and then I will warp to the first location.  You will need to come to the correct system, scan me down and warp to my location.  When you find me, there will be several containers anchored nearby.  You will need to find the container that I assigned to you and open it using the correct 7 character password (first 3 characters will sent at the start of the hunt, last 4 characters will have been sent to you at registration).  Depending on the level of participation, multiple players may be vying for the same containers.  Inside the container you will find a bookmark to another location in space.

You will need to travel to that bookmark.  When you get there, you will see 4 containers about 75-100 km away.  Each one will contain loot and some will contain loot and a bookmark.  You will need to cargo scan the container.  The password to the container is the 3 characters from provided at the start of the race and the first 4 characters of the exploration loot inside.  For example, if the 3 letters provided were “TAS” and the cargo scan showed a bookmark and 3 Power Circuits, then the password would be “TASPOWE”.  Again, you will need to follow the bookmark to the next location in space.

Some locations will contain a puzzle container.  It has no loot inside, just a bookmark.  The password is 7 letters/numbers (all caps).  The name of the container is the clue.  For example container name is “11223344 5xxxxxxx”.  Password would be “5667788”.  These puzzles will be significantly harder than that example.

If you arrive at a location and all the bookmarks are gone, then someone has beaten you to that location and you are effectively out of the hunt.  You can still help yourself to any loot remaining in the containers.

At each location you will have to decide which and how many containers to go for based on your competition.

The final location will not have a container visible on grid.  It will be approximately 500km from where you land.  It will be aligned with one of the planets in the system.  You will need to use your directional scanner to find which planet the container is aligned with and then MWD in that direction.  Hopefully you chose correctly.  The container will be named “TREASURE”.  The password format is the same (3 characters provided at the start + 4 characters from the scan).
Here is a layout of the how the hunt will work:
treasure hunt
The puzzle path is slightly shorter in terms of jumps, but the puzzles are pretty tough.  Each stage is roughly 10-15 jumps apart so expect to do a lot of flying.

To play, send an in-game mail to “Tas Exile”.  Registration opens on Sunday, Aug 10, 2014.  You can send mail before that if you wish, but I won’t be reading registrations until then.  Registration closes Thursday Aug 14.



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  2. mynxee

    Neat! I have organized these in the past and people really enjoyed them. I will send you an evemail as well to offer something for the prize pool.

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