Need more participants!! – Newbie Treasure Hunt 16-Aug-2014

Ok, signups for this event are still in the single digits.

I literally have more players offering additional prizes for the event than I do actual players for the event.

SIGN UP!  (if you are a new player that started between 1 Aug 2013 and 1 Jul 2014).  Send an in-game message to Tas Exile to sign up.

I am re-working the final stop in the hunt to have 2 winners.  One wins some exploration stuff worth about 100M isk.  The other wins an Astero!  It is technically possible to win both, but you would have to be in the lead by a good margin.

Along the way, I am adding some more loot to the cans.  The values range from about 100k ISK to about 5M isk.  I added about 20M isk worth of loot to the puzzle cans.

I tried out the puzzles on a couple of people and they said they were too hard without context.  So here are some hints.  One is mathematical.  One is musical.  One is literary/poetic.  One is religious/biblical.  All but the literary/poetic one are pretty common in US/Western Europe.  The literary/poetic one is less common, but should be known by fantasy/scifi fans.

The training skills that you need to participate are minimal.  Racial Frigate 3-4 and Astrometrics 3 should be plenty for the start.  I will be in a frigate, but I will have my MWD on so I will be fairly easy to scan down.  You need to be able to cargo scan.  Cargo Scanner I only requires CPU Management 1.  Using an MWD is probably the longest train, but you should have that already anyway.

Any other questions or doubts?  Please ask in comments.



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