I feel like I should blog something, but I have just have a bunch of unrelated ideas.  Jester used to do a “junk drawer” post, so this is something like that.

I have been jaunting in and out of null sec.  I hit a couple of nice ghost sites and ran a couple of 6/10 Blood sites.  Nothing memorable happened and it didn’t seem to justify an exploration log.  My main and my backpack are about 20 jumps apart so I am slowly working my way back to that area.  I still want to try out my “mobile PI” idea, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Hyperion came and went.  I am largely unaffected.  Supposedly the spawn rate of Mordu ships in asteroid belts has increased.  I still have yet to see one.

Killmail Archivist had a post up about Fixing the Nestor.  I joked awhile back that there was a bet at CCP to see if anyone could design content where the Nestor was actually useful.  So far I would say CCP Seagull lost that imaginary bet.  I don’t know about actually fixing the ship, but in order for a battleship to actually be useful in exploration it needs the following:  probing bonus, bonus to virus strength, bonus to hacking range, strong tank, strong dps, the ability to travel safely (warp cloaked, or covert cyno jump or cloak + fast align, AND bubble immunity).  So that probably isn’t going to happen.  The only thing I could suggest is if the ship had an “exploration mode” similar to “siege mode” on Marauders.  In exploration mode, the ship has its power cut by 50% (reducing tank and/or dps), but it gains probe and hack bonuses as well as bubble immunity and the faster alignment.  Covert cloaking would be nice, but probably not required.  I don’t really expect such a ship, but it is probably what is required to replace a T3 for exploration.

I didn’t post anything on the SomerBLINK scandal because I don’t really care.  It is related to the next blog banter though so maybe I will say something.

WordPress has been a pain lately.  For awhile I couldn’t access the editor to do new posts or change existing ones from my computer.  I could only do it from my phone.  That seems to be fixed now, but I will blame my lack of blogging on that.  Also the weather has been gorgeous so I haven’t been playing much.

Training wise, I switched over to Heavy Assault Missiles V for the final 2% bonus.  Not really needed, but I wanted a long train since I am not logging in very often.

CCP Falcon has raised a bit of a stir.  I actually think this quote is quite poetic although he overstates the dangers of EVE by a serious amount.  I think it is what separates EVE from other games.  The rest of the thread is depressing (on both sides).

Finally, I haven’t restarted my UNDOCK project.  I am undecided if I will.  I went about 45 days give or take.  It changed the way I look at possibilities made me spend all of that time out in space, but in the end it was more of an inconvenience than anything.