Riding the Wormhole Express

I am definitely enjoying all the new lowsec to lowsec wormholes.  After a rendezvous with my blockade runner to exchange loot for missiles I was ready to explore!

I went from Sinq Laison to Domain, caught a wormhole to Solitude, then a wormhole to Kor-Azor, jumped a couple of systems and then caught a wormhole to Black Rise.  Five regions in only 9 jumps!

wormhole express

In Black Rise I came across a Guristas 6/10 complex.  I don’t remember running one before, but I may have.  In any case, it was fairly easy.   One of the easier ones I would say.  Several wrecks later I looted an OPE, a couple of cheap Pith A-type items and a Gila BPC.  I was surprised to see the Gila BPC is selling for over 300M ISK now.  I guess it did better than I thought in the latest round of faction cruiser buffs.

I then retraced my steps and met back somewhere in the middle.  I wonder where we will go next?




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