Undocking and ending up who knows where

I had a copule of of hours that I could play EVE last night.  I had decided on the revised fit that I wanted to use and I had all but 4 items either in my current lowsec hangar in with my alt that was in the same system.

The 4 items that I needed were 1) Medium Rocket Fuel Cache Partition I, 2) Dark Blood Power Diagnostic System, 3, Signal Amplifier II, and 4) some kind of Squire Power Grid implant (needed at least 1%).  These are not exactly common items in lowsec so I had to bounce a bit to find them.  I picked up the last 2 pieces in a high sec system.  Fully loaded and ready to go, I scanned for a wormhole in the HS system.

I found one and warped to it.  Perfect – it was a HS-LS wormhole.  The colors were goldish indicating somehwere in the Amarr empire.  My guess was Genesis.  I entered the wormhole… and the EVE client locked up.  I waited a couple of minutes, but no repsonse.  I manually killed the EVE client and called it a night.

Worst case (and very unlikely) scenario is that I went through the wormhole and someone killed me on the other side.

Best case scenarion is that tomorrow I log in and am in a nice lowsec system with lots of signatures.

Or maybe I am still in the HS system and have to find another path to lowsec.

In any case, at least I am undocked.

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