Monthly Archives: December 2014

There and back again

Things are busy at work, I am taking a time-consuming graduate class, one of my kids was sick, blah, blah – the usual life excuses.  I expect that you don’t really want to hear about them.

During the last 50 days, I have logged approximately 10 hours in Eve. Probably I have spent significantly more time downloading the updates than I have spent playing the game.

I had some excitement, but it passed before I could really blog about it.  I spent some time jumping around nullsec.  I can now confirm that despite all the changes, data sites still pretty much suck.  I think on my last cycle the ratio of data goods to relic goods was about 1:4.  At least they take up less space now.

I also lost another Tengu due to a dumb jump, a good camp, and my slow reflexes.  The Tengu loss combined with lack of playing and expensive PLEXes have taken a few billion out of the account.  I should really think about doing something to restock that.  I have scattered assets all of the place that I need to do something with – sell, use, research or something.

But for right now, I am “home”.  I have returned to my lowsec base and am working on re-consolidating some of my far-flung assets.  I (finally) tried out some of the new manufacturing and research interfaces and quite enjoy them.  So much smoother than the old ones.  I am setting up my PI plan and will perhaps return to my former exploits.

But I think that I have to accept the fact that my playtime is reduced for the forseeable future.  I am not quitting Eve (or blogging), but I need to settle into the new normal (which now involves 5-15 hours of homework per week).