Monthly Archives: April 2015

No longer wandering New Eden

I never meant to quit.

But I went one week without playing.. and then two.  I had a long skill queue set so it was no big deal.  Pretty soon it had been a month.  I knew before too long my account would lapse if I didn’t add another PLEX to it.  That happened sometime February, I think.

I hadn’t paid for EVE for a couple of years so my credit card that was on the account had expired.  I wrote before about trying to change it and I was mildly curious what would happen when the PLEX ran out.  Apparently, nothing.  No credit card bill, no email from CCP, nothing.  At least nothing that I could see.  I wasn’t exactly watching like a hawk when it happened.  But I did go back and check through all my email accounts (and credit cards) to see if anything showed up.  Nothing did.

I still read EVE blogs from time to time, but EVE is starting to feel like a foreign country very rapidly.  I dread the thought of having to download a new patch.

And I am not playing any other MMO’s.  Crowfall looks mildly interesting, but I didn’t support the Kickstarter and am waiting to see how the whole thing turns out.  I really don’t know what I want right now, so I am just taking a long break.  Perhaps a permanent one.

My apologies to those that have emailed me and I didn’t respond.  Since I wasn’t blogging, I wasn’t really paying attention to the email account for the blog.

Thanks for all those who read my logs and posted comments, etc.  I enjoyed interacting with the blogosphere in my own way.  I also learned quite a bit.

I am not sure what would draw me back in.  I am not sure I want to be drawn back in.  I certainly have a lot more time now to devote to other pursuits.

EVE is game of goals.  Goals that you set for yourself.  In that, I think it can be a great training program for life – or a great substitute for it.  My goals were to fly a Tengu all over space and pay for my account with the goodies I found there.  After I did that for awhile, my goal was to blog about it and share the wealth.  After that, I ran out of things that I really wanted to do – at least in EVE.  So for now anyway, my goals are in other areas of life.

Fair winds and following seas!