No longer wandering New Eden

I never meant to quit.

But I went one week without playing.. and then two.  I had a long skill queue set so it was no big deal.  Pretty soon it had been a month.  I knew before too long my account would lapse if I didn’t add another PLEX to it.  That happened sometime February, I think.

I hadn’t paid for EVE for a couple of years so my credit card that was on the account had expired.  I wrote before about trying to change it and I was mildly curious what would happen when the PLEX ran out.  Apparently, nothing.  No credit card bill, no email from CCP, nothing.  At least nothing that I could see.  I wasn’t exactly watching like a hawk when it happened.  But I did go back and check through all my email accounts (and credit cards) to see if anything showed up.  Nothing did.

I still read EVE blogs from time to time, but EVE is starting to feel like a foreign country very rapidly.  I dread the thought of having to download a new patch.

And I am not playing any other MMO’s.  Crowfall looks mildly interesting, but I didn’t support the Kickstarter and am waiting to see how the whole thing turns out.  I really don’t know what I want right now, so I am just taking a long break.  Perhaps a permanent one.

My apologies to those that have emailed me and I didn’t respond.  Since I wasn’t blogging, I wasn’t really paying attention to the email account for the blog.

Thanks for all those who read my logs and posted comments, etc.  I enjoyed interacting with the blogosphere in my own way.  I also learned quite a bit.

I am not sure what would draw me back in.  I am not sure I want to be drawn back in.  I certainly have a lot more time now to devote to other pursuits.

EVE is game of goals.  Goals that you set for yourself.  In that, I think it can be a great training program for life – or a great substitute for it.  My goals were to fly a Tengu all over space and pay for my account with the goodies I found there.  After I did that for awhile, my goal was to blog about it and share the wealth.  After that, I ran out of things that I really wanted to do – at least in EVE.  So for now anyway, my goals are in other areas of life.

Fair winds and following seas!

3 thoughts on “No longer wandering New Eden

  1. evehermit

    I’d been wondering where you were. I can see how you slipped out of the game that way. Even though CCP is making a lot of changes and I am pleased with where the game is going, from a day to day perspective nothing much has really changed in the experiences you have in doing exploration. Good luck – and if you ever get the itch, or an update catches your eye, I’ll be pleased to be able to read about your new adventures.

  2. Helena Khan

    I hear you. Tending towards the meta myself for the moment anyways. Probably spend more time listening to podcasts than actually playing. That will change. I’m currently distracted by something else (Pillars of Eternity), and with limited available time… somethings gotta give.

    In any case, I hope you find something else that sparks the same passion – and that you find the voice to write about it as well. We’ll be listening :)

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