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One year in Exile

So, I guess today is my 1 year blogging anniversary.  It is a bit anti-climatic since I have fizzled out lately.

So this is kind of a half-hearted year-in-review post.

It started with this kick-off:  Not all those who wander are lost.  Kind of funny since there was just a dev blog out about “All that is gold does not glitter.”  I’ll be getting to that shortly.

Not too long after that I wrote a review of the Astero.  The title was “Say hello to my little friend.”  It was an inside joke because I published the post a few hours after my daughter was born.  She turns 1 in a few days.

In January, I published my (now severely outdated) New Player Exploration Guide.  It has been my most viewed post.

Later in January, I kicked off my first poetry contest called “PLEX for Parody“.  It was a lot of fun and led to some great EVE poems.

In February, I hit 10,000 page views and I felt like I actually had people reading the blog.  It was pretty exciting.

I did a Limerick contest in March, it did ok , but wasn’t as good as the parody contest.

In May, I attempted my first “In-character” blog post.  May was also the first month I received more than 10,000 page views in a single month.

In July, I tried my UNDOCK project.  It lasted less than 2 months when I died ingloriously.

In August, I launched a treasure hunt.  It was way too much work.

September was where I fizzled and I haven’t done much since then.

The blog continues to get quite a few page views.  I came up just short of 100,000 views in my first year.  I am sitting at 91,977 at this moment.  That is actually quite a bit better than I was expecting.  Thank you to all that read and commented and sent traffic my way.

There is actually a bit of interesting exploration news coming up.  I like some of the changes and will be writing about them eventually.




Returning from Exile

It has been about a month since I posted and about a month since I played Eve.  I bought a couple of PLEX and added 60 days of game time.  I queued up a couple of long trains (Advanced Weapons Upgrades V , Heavy Missile Specialization V, Gallente Cruiser V) and logged in just twice to update my queue.  I mentioned earlier that I just hadn’t been “feeling” Eve.  I’m still not, but I am getting closer.

I have been reading some of the blogs and dev posts and started to experiment with ship fits again.  That is usually a good sign of upcoming activity.  Also, winter is coming and I tend to spend more time indoors and gaming during the winter.  So I will probably be returning to the game and playing a bit in the coming weeks.  Returning to blogging is a bit harder.  Once you get out of the habit, it takes more discipline to get back into it again.  But with expansion news and my 1 year blogging anniversary coming up, I should have more to muse and ramble about.

How I feel about CAPTCHA’s

I am exceedingly bad a CAPTCHA’s.  Especially if I try to do them on my phone, which is were I read most of my EVE blogs.  I have failed so many comments to Blogspot’s CAPTCHA, that I have pretty much given up commenting there.

For my site, there is no CAPTCHA, no login, no email required.  And WordPress still manages to filter all the spam very nicely.  (Maybe too well – I don’t check the spam folder to see if anything legitimate has been stuck there).

Anyway – this made me laugh and pretty much sums up how I feel about CAPTCHA’s.


Source: http://www.geee.net/contact.htm


Failing at giving money to CCP and making another donation instead

With PLEX prices continuing to rise, I am going to reach the point where I decide to start paying for my account instead of PLEXing it.  I am playing pretty casually these days and spending 800M ISK on PLEX seems like a lot.  My initial goal in playing was to be able to PLEX my account and I have done so for about 20 months now.  I actually started this blog as a way of “giving back” since I felt a bit guilty about not paying CCP any money.

Anyway, my account comes due in about a week and rather than buying PLEX, I was going to let my credit card do its business.  Except that I know that the card on the account expired about 9 months ago.  So I logged in to update my account and was unable to do so.  There is NO option for changing the credit card on the account.  The only options I could see were to let my account lapse and get some kind of notification from CCP about it or I could “purchase additional game time” ahead of when I needed it and hope that the purchase updated my existing account with the new credit card information.  Neither of those are great options, but I couldn’t see anything else.

While this was going on, I stumbled across this post by Sindel (of The Angel Project) and couldn’t help but comment.  She sort of mentioned using a mix of one of my Lowsec Tengu fits and failing at a Sansha’s 5/10.  So to prove that my fit would in fact work, I sent her a Tengu with all of the modules listed*.

Now since my main is undocked, and neither of my alts have enough training to assemble for fit a Tengu, I had to use a series of contracts.  The contract ended up being for a Tengu with all of the subsytems and components and not a fitted ship.  In the process, I discovered that Tas Exile (my blogging alt) was sitting on a PLEX.  I think it was for a contest that I never finished putting together, but I redeemed it for another 30 days of game time.  So the problem of the credit card and whether or not to keep buying PLEX on the market and redeeming them for game time is kicked down the road for another 30 days.

I am not sure what it means that I am on the fence as to whether or not I should continue PLEXing my account, but I have zero problem giving away a Tengu that is worth nearly a PLEX.



* She mentioned in the comments that her skills were the issue, not the ship fit, so I downgraded the Shield Boost Amplifier to a Meta IV and added a Capacitor Flux Coil.  It relaxes the fitting requirements so that Power/CPU fit and it is cap stable with skills only at IV’s across the board. 


Milestone: 50k page views

Just got back from vacation and haven’t logged into EVE yet.

Sometime over the last few days I crossed over 50,000 page views.  When I started this little blog back in October, I was pretty happy to break double digits on any given day and a thousand views (total) seemed like a lot.

Anyway, this post is pretty much for those that happen to be interesting in blogging.  Maybe there will be some actual EVE stuff later this week.

50k snapshot

Page Views by Month

As you can see from the chart I have had pretty steady growth.  It leveled off in June, but that may be because of summer or because I didn’t blog much in June.  Or maybe that is the natural peak of this blog.  I am not sure what drove the increase in May.  I pretty much average 300-400 page views a day whether I post or not.  My best day ever was 763 views from a post that I listed on Reddit.


50k referrers

Inbound Traffic

My inbound traffic is dominated by Google searches.  I also get a small spike from Lowsec Lifestyle when I have a new post.  The Reddit traffic comes from me answering questions and promoting a couple of posts.  Someone in Eve Uni listed my blog on their forums for lowsec exploration.  That was about 6 months ago and I still get traffic from it.  I do get some traffic from other blogs, but it is lower than I expected.

50k outbound

Outbound Traffic

My outbound traffic (especially to other blogs) is fairly anemic.  Markets for ISK gets some decent traffic because it is linked on one of my most popular posts (I say that it is a better site than mine if all you want to do is make ISK).  Jester’s Trek, the EVE wiki, the EVE Uni wiki, and the EVE-O forums are all reference links.  My blog roll is pretty much meant for me, but I do enjoy highlighting other bloggers that people may not have read – especially if they have exploration related content.

50k top posts

Top Posts

As of these screenshots, I had 140 posts.  My guides, reviews, and ship fittings are the most popular and generate most of the search traffic to the site.

Anyway, I am not sure if this was helpful or interesting to anyone but me.