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Riding the Wormhole Express

I am definitely enjoying all the new lowsec to lowsec wormholes.  After a rendezvous with my blockade runner to exchange loot for missiles I was ready to explore!

I went from Sinq Laison to Domain, caught a wormhole to Solitude, then a wormhole to Kor-Azor, jumped a couple of systems and then caught a wormhole to Black Rise.  Five regions in only 9 jumps!

wormhole express

In Black Rise I came across a Guristas 6/10 complex.  I don’t remember running one before, but I may have.  In any case, it was fairly easy.   One of the easier ones I would say.  Several wrecks later I looted an OPE, a couple of cheap Pith A-type items and a Gila BPC.  I was surprised to see the Gila BPC is selling for over 300M ISK now.  I guess it did better than I thought in the latest round of faction cruiser buffs.

I then retraced my steps and met back somewhere in the middle.  I wonder where we will go next?




An exploration bouquet

After a dry spell of about 2 months, I finally found a Ghost site!  There was a -9.9 status pilot from a regional pirate corp in local (no stations), so I scanned and the other signatures and waited until he left.  Eventually he did so I warped to the site.

Cargo scanning revealed one of the cans had an Mid-Grade Ascendency Epsilon BPC and some Shattered Villiard Wheels.  The rest just had some Covert Ops tools.  I was able to hack the can I wanted and warp out before the Ghost rats showed up.  I warped cloaked to a Besieged Covert Facility to take a look and saw that it had one of the new Thukker complexes.  I refit at a mobile depot and warped back to run the site.

I was a bit nervous watching people pass through local was I was webbed and scrammed, but I finished taking down the battleships and looted the can.  It had a ship skin and a few covert tools, but no implants.  I destroyed the Thukker complex, but it only dropped a few more covert tools.

The system also had a Blood Minor Annex and a Blood Vigil.  I ran the Minor Annex first, but it didn’t escalate and the loot was minor.  I then ran the Blood Vigil.  I kind of have mixed feelings about seeing Blood Vigils in lowsec.  When you scan one down, it is a bit of a disappointment because it share the same signal strength as a major annex and 6/10 complex.  Also, if it does escalate, the first escalation is in high sec.  Sometimes that can be a large number of jumps away.

On the positive side, it is a very easy complex to run in a Tengu.  And it can drop fairly decent loot for a short time investment.

I didn’t have any tags for Vigils (gold I think?), but I didn’t need them.  The first room just requires you to blow up a Blood Chapel to open the gate.  If you can tank a 5/10, you can blitz that room without going below 95% shields.  The second room has EM fields to destroy, but once you do, you can pretty much just hit the battlestation and kill the overseer without bothering with the rest of the ships.  I remember first doing this complex with a Drake and having to warp out after killing the EM fields.  A billion isk ship and a year of additional training make a big difference.

The site escalated and the overseer dropped a Dark Blood Stasis Web, so the site ended up being more valuable than the Blood Minor Annex was.  Also, since I was only 1 jump from high sec, the escalation was only 4 jumps away.  I was able to run that quickly.  It dropped minor loot and didn’t escalate again.

I brought my “backpack” (alt in a blockade runner) to the system to pick up the loot and drop off some missiles.

All in all, it was a fun night.  Counting the escalation, I ran 5 fairly quick sites.  I made some isk (didn’t keep close track), and got a nice variety of content.  Getting yet another implant BPC has got me thinking about restarting my PI using an idea I had a while ago.  I am going to do some math and look into it.


Postcards from last week

Selfie at the Eve Gate

A wormhole dumped me into Genesis,  and I was only about 6 jumps from the Eve Gate.  I decided to make the trek.  Not all that impressive really.


A view of the Blood Annex

I entered a Blood Annex that was curiously devoid of ships.  Shooting the structure still brought the Overseer, so maybe someone else cleared them and left??


Sansha Owned Station

The final escalation of Sansha’s Owned Station was decidedly NOT devoid of ships.  I turned off my HUD and just stared at the screen for a while.  Eve really is a beautiful game.


Exploration Log 24-July-2014

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

UNDOCK: 30 days

Game Time: Approx 3 hours

Location(s): Sanshas Lowsec, Blood Raiders Lowsec

System Count: 9

Sites Run: Combat 2

Ghost sites seen: 0

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: 1,400M ISK

Comments: It has been 30 days since I last docked my main.  In that time, my alt has docked 4 times.  He 1)picked up missiles at a station, 2)picked up skillbooks at another station, 3)bought some morphite at another station, and 4) dropped loot at a highsec station for shipment to Jita.  This project will probably continue indefinitely.  My main may never dock again (unless he gets podded or I feel compelled to restyle my profile pic).

I have had several short sessions of playtime over the last week.  Most of them have been nothing.  I ran a minor and regular blood annex with little loot and no escalation.  I ran a couple of relic and data sites just because I wasn’t finding anything else.  I haven’t seen a Ghost site in lowsec in probably 3 months.  I have followed a couple of wormholes into nullsec and found nothing.  Basically, I was having a pretty dry run at exploration.  It happens.

That changed tonight.  I was running the same systems (in reverse) that I had run a couple of days ago.  This time I found a Sanshas Minor Annex.  I ran it, it dropped about 230M isk in loot and it escalated.  Nice.  On my way to the escalation, I found a Crimson Hand Supply Depot and decided to run it as well.  The last time I ran this, I got basically nothing.  This time, I got a Cynabal BPC (120M isk), a Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane (1,000M isk), and a couple of other Corpum A-type items.  My total haul for the 2 sites was over 1.4 Billion isk.

I should still have the opportunity to run the escalation tonight so I will see if that turns into anything.  (It did).



Pilgrim’s Adventures: 13-Jul-2014

“All wormholes eventually lead to Aridia”*

Another glorious day in space!

“Not that space in the Aridia sector could be considered glorious, but one has to start somewhere” Pilgrim muttered to himself.  Probes had been launched and the ship’s science officer was rapidly returning the results.  Pilgrim often did the scanning himself, but he was currently overseeing the pursuit of some Mordus Legion ships.  He had heard that some of they carried some pretty impressive blueprints.  He just hadn’t managed to find any yet.

The scanning returned 2 wormholes to Lowsec and a bunch of data sites.  Pilgrim’s survey of the various asteroid belts turned up nothing so he directed the ship into the first wormhole.  There was a “whoosh” and a sensor recalibration.  A familiar golden hue.  Sensor data comes up…

“Seriously?  That lowsec wormhole led to another part of Aridia?”  Pilgrim shook his head incredulously.  “Oh well, according to the navigation computer, we are only 10 jumps from where we started.  We can scan those systems on the way back, and then take the other lowsec wormhole if we don’t find anything else.”

The 10 jumps yielded nothing interesting so Pilgrim ordered the jump through the next Lowsec wormhole.  Another “whoosh” and another sensor calibration.  A familiar golden hue.  Sensor data comes up…

“We are in Khanid, sir.  Exactly 6 jumps away from Aridia, in case you are curious” said the smartass navigation officer.  Pilgrim chuckled, he was started to like the young officer.  He would probably make a good capsuleer.

“Launch probes and scan away, I am going to start checking the asteroid belts.”

At Planet 4, Belt 2, Pilgrim encountered something interesting.  It was some kind of clone soldier.  The ship had a high bounty and various bulletins had listed its ship tags as being pretty valuable.  Not “pay for another Tengu” valuable, but probably “buy a few thousand missiles” valuable.  Pilgrim marked the site and continued to check the rest of the belts.  A few had some battleships, but none of the Modus Legion ships that he was looking for.  Pilgrim reviewed his Overview for the third time just to make sure it was configured to show the new ships.

The scanning results were completed so Pilgrim reviewed the list.  There were several data sites, several Blood Outposts, a Blood Watch, and some Rogue Drone sites.  Interesting, but not exactly exciting.  Still, Pilgrim ordered a Mobile Depot deployed and the ship reconfigured to its standard combat fitting.  The crew was getting quite good at this and Pilgrim was pleased with their efficiency.

Once complete, Pilgrim warped the ship to Planet 4, Belt 2.  And found nothing.  “Where the frak is that clone ship?”  Could he have noted the wrong belt?  Did the clone ship fly away?  Did it move to another belt?

“The sword has been drawn from it’s sheath, I am not returning it until blood has been drawn”  Pilgrim said to his crew.  “Preferably Blood Raider blood.”  With that, Pilgrim warped to the next belt and the next, killing the largest ship he found at each belt.  After working his way through the various belts, he came upon the clone soldier ship.  Pilgrim checked his coordinates and noted that he was at Planet 3, Belt 2.  “Clearly, the clone soldier warped to a different belt after we scouted him.” Pilgrim said.  He mentally dared the smartass navigation officer to make a comment, but the officer wisely held his tongue.  Perhaps he might actually live long enough to become a capsuleer.

Pilgrim locked onto the clone soldier and accelerated towards him activating missiles.  He got off several gratifying rounds before the clone ship finally exploded.  Pilgrim looted the wreck and noted the tags.  They were worth about 20M ISK.  Not bad.  But not worth warping though every asteroid belt in the frakking system.   Still feeling a bit bloodthirsty, Pilgrim warped to the Blood Watch.  He immediately killed the drones that appeared knowing that each destruction would summon more reinforcements.  He laughed as they little destroyers failed to penetrate his ships shields.  Finally, the commander showed up and Pilgrim dispatched him allowing access to the acceleration gate.

Pilgrim warped though the acceleration gate and immediately targeted the Blood Cathedral.  More reinforcements came, but Pilgrim ignored them.  Finally he found the supervisor and sent several rounds of missiles his way.  The supervisor’s ship exploded in a satisfying burst and an alert message popped up on Pilgrim’s screen.  Pilgrim passed the coordinates from the message off to the navigation officer and quickly scanned his overview for a Dark Blood commander.  Finding him, Pilgrim locked on and destroyed him before he could escape.  Looting his wreck yielded very little so Pilgrim warped away (after dispatching the pesky frigates that kept trying to disable his warp engines).

Arriving at his mobile depot, Pilgrim directed the reconfiguration of his ship to its covert travel mode.  After sealing everything up, he directed the navigation officer to follow the coordinates left behind by the Blood supervisor.

“Guess what, ” smirked the navigation officer, “it looks like we are headed back to Aridia sir!”



* I  was sure that is a direct Penny quote although I couldn’t quite find it on her website.