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Mobile Planetary Interaction: Ghost Site Edition

I have mentioned once or twice that I have a love/hate relationship with Planetary Interaction.  More specifically, I love theorizing about PI and figuring out “optimum” setups, but I hate actually bringing up my planets and refreshing extractors and moving heads and hauling goods to market and selling them.  From the time I extract something to the time I sell it could easily be 3-4 months.

My lowsec planets were all set up to manufacture P2 goods with 3 day cycles of extraction.  But I  haven’t exported goods for about 3 months and it has been several weeks since I ran my extractors.  Everything has just been sitting there.  When I ran everything regularly, I think I made about 300M ISK per month on 5 planets.  Not bad, not great.  With my new mobility and lack of regular base, I have been looking for a new PI plan.

This new plan is not necessarily more profitable for the work.  It is short term and mixes well with my exploration and mobile playstyle.  It basically revolves around setting up planets every so often (or returning to already set up planets) to manufacture goods specifically for making Ascendancy implants for BPC’s that I find at Ghost Sites.

Right now, I have 1 HG-Delta, 2 MG-Deltas, 3 MG-Epsilons, and 1 MG-Gamma BPC.  I have about 300 Shattered Villard Wheels (should be just enough).  The value of these components is about 350M ISk.

To manufacture all of the above implants, I need about 150,000,000  P0 products (spread unevenly across 11 commodities).  If I run 5 planets extracting and converting an average of 4000 units per hour, then I can complete this in a month.  The idea is to use my main to run the extraction and P1 conversion and use my low skill alt to have 2 planets with P1->P3 conversion.  The value of the 7 manufactured implants is approximately 1B ISK.  The final size is only 7m3 so it can be transported in anything (no hauler or Epithal runs required).  After I take out my setup and manufacturing costs my PI setup should make about 600-650M isk in 1 month.

So I set up my planets (needed about 1 hour of training on my alt) and got them started on 23 hour cycles.  I am not sure I can keep up daily cycles for a month, but I am averaging about 5500 units per hour extraction so I have some fluff.  About half of the 150M P0 units required are Micro Organisms, Aqueous Liquids, and Carbon Compounds which are fairly easy to find.  The only tricky part is finding the right combination of planets to get an even distribution of extraction of the 11 different commodities.  Since I will have to extract 2-3 different materials from some planets, I will have to move my extraction/factories to different locations to make the most of the hotspots.  This will help me to keep from exhausting materials from the planet and keep my overall extraction rates high though.

Anyway, I had fun setting up the spreadsheets and I enjoy manufacturing the BPC’s that I find out in space.  The ISK gain is really secondary.  And it gives me something to do that doesn’t require longer or uninterrupted sessions.  The downside is that it ties me to 1 area for 30 days, but with the LS-LS wormholes about I can frequently go to a new area and still come back in the same session should I decide I want to do some exploration.  The other upside is that this is temporary.  I can leave it set up and come back to it when I have more BPC’s – or I can completely shut it down and start up new planets somewhere else if desired.  I was kind of looking for the “perfect setup” that I would keep returning to, but after not finding it (and getting tired of looking), I settled on “good enough”.


Pilgrim’s Adventures: 19-June-2014

“Scotty!  We need more Power”

Pilgrim was lounging in his captains quarters in Amarr when the threat came in over secure comms.  Apparently the planet bound scrubs that he had contracted to manage his colonies were about to revolt.  Per the terms of the contract (and a generous one at that), they only got paid upon delivery of goods to the customs station.  According to the contract managers, it had been nearly 6 weeks since any deliveries were taken and the workers were not getting paid.  They were also on the verge of partially shutting down operations to divert power to more storage containers – but doing this would significantly reduce overall productivity (and incomes).

Pilgrim sighed.  All this fuss over a few million ISK.  What would it be like to be confined to a planet where a hundred thousand ISK was considered a good salary?  He shuddered at the thought.  Immortality had its benefits and extreme wealth was certainly one of them.

Well, he might as well do what he could for them.  The planetary colonies were a long way away, but he had left a jump clone in the area.  And maybe a Tengu?  He was pretty sure he had a Tengu there.  Maybe he could find a convenient wormhole out and move the planetary goods to a nice high sec station where a contract hauler could carry it the rest of the way to Jita or Amarr.

After taking a nice swig of Gallentean bourbon, Pilgrim entered the cloning station and jumped.

Amazing.  And dreadful.  He opened his eyes and immediately felt that something was missing.  A lack of clarity, slower reactions…  Pilgrim shook off the effects of the clone jump and immediately wished he could have brought the bourbon with him.  The quick orientation program reminded him where he was – and that this was an older clone with lower grade augmentations.  Well, that explains the loss of clarity.  Again Pilgrim shuddered, this time at the thought of living without the augmentations that capsuleers were so accustomed to using.

Getting down to business, he boarded his Epithal transport ship and headed out to the various customs offices in the system.  As he visited each planet, he was impressed by the quality and the quantity of the products that had been produced.  In fact, it took him two trips to empty out the launch pads and storage silos of the five planetary centers that he contracted with.  No wonder the workers were getting agitated.  There was nearly 500 hundred million ISK worth of goods.  Pilgrim paid out the agreed upon bonuses and transferred the goods the the corporate hanger he had rented in this system.  Speaking with the station manager, it turns out there was nearly a billion ISK worth of planetary goods, specialized ship riggings and other materials in the “Export for Sale” hangar.

Since 1 billion is the perfect number for export, Pilgrim decided to scout around for wormholes.  They were the preferred mechanism for getting product out of this far away corner of the universe.  Shipping it out conventionally would be risky, time-consuming, and expensive.  A quick survey of the ship hangar revealed that there was in fact a Tengu here.  Pilgrim called for standard covert scanning assembly and went to find some refreshment.  He had heard good things about the spiced rum in this area (the local pirates were quite good about things like that).

“Sir, we have a problem” popped up on his display.  Pilgrim read the details and his blood started to boil.  In a few minutes, the station manager and engineering chief were rushing to his quarters.


The station manager calmly explained that they had a Tengu hull and 10 different subsystems, but none of them were the critical power systems that were required to make the strategic cruiser usable.


The engineering chief stammered a bit, but reminded Pilgrim that on his last trip through the system he had borrowed one of the engineering systems for an emergency use and had not returned it.

Frustrated, angry, and feeling a bit foolish, Pilgrim dismissed both of them.  Now what?  This part of the universe was not exactly a hub for high-tech modules and the regional market scanner confirmed as much.  Well, since all he really needed was to do some wormhole scouting, a standard covert ops ship would do.  Fortunately there was one for sale about 3 jumps away.  Pilgrim boarded a shuttle and was soon the proud new owner of a Cheetah.  Pilgrim laughed at the name.  Yes, it was fairly fast.  But there was no way it was going to kill anything.

Pilgrim fitted it up with the scanning equipment from the Tengu.  And he found another power problem.  All of the propulsion modules in the hanger were designed for bigger ships.  He was going to have to fly this with no microwarp drive or afterburner.  Oh well.  At least it was fairly fast without them.

It was a bit fun zipping around at the high warp speeds the little ship was capable of, but Pilgrim had to pass on the Covert sites he found.  This ship just wasn’t capable of handling them.  Pilgrim scanned down 7 different wormholes in the systems surrounding his base.  One went to nullsec and the rest of the were all dead ends into wormholes with no other connections.  Amazing and disappointing.  Actually the whole trip to this region was a bit disappointing.  There was so much he could have done here today – all for the lack of an engineering power system.

Wealthy, immortal, but not all-powerful.  Perhaps it was a good reminder.


Planetary Extraction

I have been easing back into Eve after doing nothing but occasional update my extractors and monitor my training queue.  Even though it has only been a month, it took a bit to re-orient myself.  It is hard to imagine coming back after 6 months or more.

Things have changed a bit in my home PI system.  When I left nearly a month ago it was a fairly busy system.  I returned because my launch pads and storage silos were completely full and needed to be emptied.  So far after a few hours in the system on the weekend, I have barely seen anybody.  I did some scanning and found a couple of wormholes.  One of them was a connection to null sec.  I checked it out, but it only went to the drone regions.  With the new chance to drop Stratios or Astero tokens, it might be worth trying a combat site there, but I didn’t see any.  The second wormhole was an X702.  That is probably my favorite wormhole just because of the possibilities.  (side explanation – an X702 is a non-static inbound connection to a C3 class wormhole space.  Since a C3 will always have a static outbound connection to empire space this guarantees a connection).

I entered the wormhole and saw I had visited before.  I had a handful of bookmarks already and there were only 2 signatures.  There was the K162 that I came in on and staticmapper told me that there was an expected HS connection.  Perfect.  I scanned it down and entered it and found myself 4 jumps from Jita.  Sweet.

I bookmarked everything and returned to my base.  I loaded up all my non-PI goods into my Tengu and made the 2 jumps depositing about 1.6 billion ISK worth of goods.  I came back and loaded up my Epithal with another 300 million ISK worth of PI goods and made the trip again.  Once it was all deposited at the station, I contracted it to Push-X industries for the 4 jumps to Jita and returned home.  Given that I am about a dozen jumps into lowec and over 30 jumps from Jita, this was about as perfect a setup as I could ask for.  In fact, it was just what I wanted when I setup my PI as dicussed before.   I love wormholes.  I think they are one of the most creative and interesting additions to the game.

Back from Break

This past weekend was a Thanksgiving holiday in the US.  I spent it visiting family and away from Eve.  As per family tradition we spent at least one day pheasant hunting.  I am not an avid hunter in any sense of the term, but I did have a good time.  We had a small group (about 8) and I think we got 13 birds.  I know I have been reading too many Eve blogs when I compare our “blockers” to “gate campers”.  Heh.

Anyway, it seems there is much to do after being away for 5 days.  Training queues, PI extraction, remembering where I am, etc.

I have mentioned previously about my love/hate relationship with PI.  Apparently I am back on the love side because I started messing with my setup again.  I have enough rocket fuel in both my current lowsec areas to manufacture all the missiles I need for a long time.  I had actually switched one of the storm planets over to make Coolant instead since Coolant is a bit more profitable.  But I have been eyeing manufacturing some of the new deployables and noticed that they all take PI products (mostly P3 with a few P4).  I reviewed my makeup of planets and discovered that if I drop my 2 storm planets and pickup a Gas and Temperate planet, then I can make all 15 Planetary Commodities.  I don’t need them in high volume, so I am still primarily producing my P2 products for sale.  Right now I am making Enriched Uranium +Precious/Toxic Metals (Plasma Planet), Oxides + Oxygen/Oxidizing Compound (Gas Planet), Miniature Electronics +Reactive Metals/Silicon (Lava Planet ), and Supertensile Plastics +Biomass (Ice Planet).  My new 5th planet is a Temperate one and it extracts small amounts of all 5 of its raw materials (Bacteria, Biofuels, Industrial Fibers, Proteins, Water) and serves as a manufacturing planet for anything I want to make.  This setup doesn’t make me any more isk, but it gives me flexibility to make my own deployables in lowsec for my use or for sale.

On the exploration side, I  scanned and found 2 wormholes in my home system.  One led to a C3 with a lowsec static.  That lowsec system turned out to be an empty lowsec island bordering on highsec.  After my little incident last time, I remembered to make sure I had a continuous path to Jita.  All being in order, I returned and picked up my Epithal full of PI products and exploration loot.  I made it the 3 jumps from Home-C3-LS-HS without incident and Red Frog took it the rest of the way.

Finally, I managed to grab my missing stasis web, just in time to find another Blood Minor Annex.  I ran it in under 30 minutes, but got no escalation and less than 10M in loot.

I am having to live vicariously through Deep In Eve since I still haven’t seen a Ghost site yet.  I am glad someone has!

Logistics Weekend

This weekend was a mish-mash of activity.  I hunted for Ghost sites, but didn’t see any.  I think I have jumped through well over 100 lowec and nullsec systems without seeing a single Ghost site.   I ran a few profession sites, but it was in lowsec and the loot was mediocre.  Mostly, I was looking for combat sites since I had some uninterrupted play time, but they were never around when I needed them.  I did get to run one good drug site and picked up a Neurotoxin Control skillbook.  So that was nice.

I ended up back in my home system for PI so I emptied the customs offices of all their commodities and dropped them at my home station.  I have nearly a full Epithal load so I got in my Tengu and scouted for wormholes.  I found 3 in my system.  The first went to a C1 system with only another lowsec exit.  The second was a C3 with a C2 connection.  I hopped into the C2 and it had a highsec exit.  I probed it down and it opened into Lonetrek only a few jumps from Jita.  I bookmarked everything and returned home to grab the Epithal.  I filled the commodities hold with about 230m isk of PI and the standard hold with about 600m isk of loot.  Nothing like flying a T1 industrial with nearly 1 billion isk!

My trips through C3 and C2 were uneventful.  I docked up in the Lonetrek system put everything into the station and started to create the Red Frog contract to ship it to Jita.  Hmm, something is wrong.  What is this?  I am in Jotenen – a high-sec island.  Red Frog won’t pick-up from here.  I weigh my options and decide I will try again some other time.  I load up my Epithal and wormhole jump back to lowsec.  No loot cash-out for me today.

Back at my lowsec station, I finish up some invention jobs and get some nice Tech 2 rig blueprints.  I start to manufacture them only to find out that ALL of the manufacturing slots in this station are filled for the next 5 days.  I feel like I have been invaded.  I don’t know who has moved in, but they are clearly more of the industrialist than I am.  Looking around the system I see that another station has 20 plus open manufacturing slots.  Since I don’t feel like waiting 5 days to run my manufacturing, the Epithal gets refitted with cargohold expanders and I move all my stuff to the station next door.  It takes 4 trips, but the system is empty so the risk is low.  I get my manufacturing jobs started and set up another round of invention jobs.  Except this station doesn’t have any invention slots.  I really should check these things first!

Outside of moving things back and forth, I got to play with the new mobile depot.  It works pretty much as noted in the patch notes.  You deploy it and 60 seconds later you can refit your ship in space.  I tested it on my Tengu and was able to swap subsystems easily.  You have to drag and drop though.  I tried to right-click on a module in inventory and there was no option to “fit to ship”.  I also noticed that you can overload your ship.  I fit a cargohold expander, loaded the ship to full and then unfit the cargohold expander.  I couldn’t add anything else (like the mobile depot), but it let me fly away out of range of the depot while I was overloaded.  I didn’t try warping.  I would also like to try using “saved fittings” if all the equipment is in the mobile depot.  I know it doesn’t work if everything is in small container in my ship, but does it work otherwise?  I don’t know.  Trying to keep everything organized for refitting can be a little complicated.

I am looking forward to using these mobile depots on some longer roams.  Storage will always be an issue – especially for ammo, but I have a plan!