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No more cloaky refitting

Back in December I gave some tips and tricks for using mobile depots.  A reader commented that as long as you are 2500m away from it, you can stay cloaked and still use it.  I tried it, and he was right (the fitting range on a mobile depot is 3000m).

It always seemed a little strange that you couldn’t load ammo or access secure containers in inventory while cloaked, but you could refit modules and even subsystems.  But I still made modest use of the feature by swapping out my covert subsystem and cloaking device last.

I guess CCP thought it was a little strange as well so that feature is removed in Rubicon 1.3.6

Ships and Modules

  • Cloaked ships are no longer able to use the extended fitting range of a Mobile Depot to refit whilst still cloaked.

(you can read the rest of the patch notes here)

More Deployable Structures (Scan Inhibitor and Micro Jump Unit)


CCP Fozzie announced 2 more mobile deployable units for Rubicon 1.1

The Mobile Scan Inhibitor (MSI) is quite similar to one of my proposals.  This structure prevents anything inside its 30km radius from appearing either on DScan or Probe Scans.  The structure itself shows up on both and is “very easy to scan down”.  Given that the Mobile Tractor Unit was “fairly easy to scan down”, I would guess the average combat prober could pin this one down at 4-8 AU’s of probe strength.

One major difference from my proposal is that players inside the radius of the MSI will be able to scan as normal (except they won’t get results from anything that is inside the radius with them).  In my proposal, the MSI worked both ways: players outside couldn’t DScan in and players inside couldn’t Dscan out.  The other difference is in range.  I think I called for 250km range.  The 30km range probably makes more sense.

Structure is single use (can’t be rescooped once deployed).

Volume = 50m3.

Activation time = 60s.

Lifetime = 2 hours.

EHP = 45,000

Cost ~ 5 million ISK

Deployment restrictions = not within 75km of gates or stations, not within 40km of control towers or another MSI.

I liked my proposal better because I think blocking DScan both ways is a more interesting (and consistent) mechanic.  However, I still like this one.  It is new and disruptive and lends itself to some creative uses.  Also, if CCP was trolling for tears, they definitely got them in the forum :)

The fact that it is single use and only lasts 2 hours combined with the volume size of 50m3 means that I probably won’t use this much with my current playstyle.  Since I am only a single player, just the fact that I am visible on local means about as much as what you can see about what ship I am flying.  For profession sites, I am usually in and out and wouldn’t waste the 50m3 of space.  For combat sites, it would only cover 1 room.

Depending on how many I see, I will probably probe these and warp to them just to see what (if anything) they are hiding.

The forum folks seemed to think the MSI would be abused in WH space and Faction Warfare.  I can’t speak to those, but at single use of 5M each I have to wonder if the payback is worth it.  I don’t see it.  On the other hand, I am actually kind of looking forward to see how the Goons exploit this one. :)

The second new structure is the Mobile Micro Jump Unit (MJU).  It basically acts as a Micro Jump Drive module for any ship within 2500m (likely the range will be increased) that activates it.  Jump Activation time is 12s and then it launches you 100km in the direction you were travelling.  Your speed is preserved on landing.  You only have to be in range at the start of the cycle, not the end.  It has no cooldown and can be used by any player.  Upon landing, you can immediately use another MJU if it is within range.  Activation can’t be cancelled.  Destroying the structure before the end of the cycle or using a Warp Scramble on the ship prevents launching.  It will also have a mass limit that will prevent capitals and supercapitals from using it.  Freighters will be allowed to use it.

Structure is single use (can’t be rescooped once deployed).

Volume = 50m3.

Activation time = 20s  (from deployment of structure)

Lifetime = 48 hours

EHP = 25,000

Cost ~ 1 million ISK

Deployment restrictions = not within 20km of gates or stations, not within 40km of a starbase towers, not within 6km of another MJU.

This one is kind of fun.  The volume of 50m3 prevents it from being used a lot by a single player, but at least it is cheap and lasts for 48 hours.  You could even use it to make a series of your own acceleration gates!  Tactically, it could be used quite well to launch an attack and that will probably be the primary use.  50 brawlers suddenly launching forward 100km!  It might also be interesting to have 3 or 4 of these set up allowing kiters to move from one to the other while still projecting damage.

Defensively, it could be used to break a single disruptor.  Drop the unit, align to a safe spot and activate.  Your attacker could follow you, but he will have a harder time aligning to the same spot and you will have a very good chance of warping out when you land.  If you like to belt rat in dangerous areas, this is probably a necessity.  However, if the attacker has a Scram then you are still out of luck.

Again, I don’t see myself using this one for anything other than fun, but who knows?

From an economic perspective, the fact that both of these units are single use may lead to significant consumption of PI materials (assuming they use PI materials – maybe they won’t?).  Also, they might be something worth manufacturing and selling in lowsec since the relatively large size means most pilots won’t be able to carry more than a couple.  I guess it depends on how popular they are.

CCP Fozzie did say they were working on a couple more.  I am still hoping for the Mobile Ammo Reprocessing Depot!

Tech 2 Turret Change

I missed this until I read the patch notes:

“All Tech 2 turrets have had their skill requirements cut. They will now not require smaller turret requirements to be trained. Please refer to this Dev Blog for more details.”

This is a great change.  It brings Turret Skill in line with Missile skills in that you no only need to train the lower level Turret skills to III before being able to focus on the larger Turret skills.  I looked at what I needed to train to be able to fly a Nightmare and getting to Large Beam Laser Specialization was crazy.  So I put it off.

I once had an old math teacher that told me “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, because tomorrow you might not have to do it.”  Generally, that is pretty bad advice, and if you follow it all the time, you will have a miserable life.  But every once it awhile that crazy old teacher is proved a genius.

However, this probably changes nothing for me right now.  I am stilling planning on working on my drone and then armor skills to open up options for the Stratios, the Amarr missile ships, or some of the shield drone ships.  But since I am changing my long term goals all the time – who knows?  That Nightmare just got a lot closer.

More Deployable Unit Suggestions

So far, there are the four new mobile structures being deployed in Rubicon.  They are:

1) Mobile Depot – Allows storage of items and refitting of ships.  Has a reinforcement timer.

2) Mobile Tractor Unit – Tractors in wrecks owned by the player and auto-loots them.  Lots of storage and 50,000 HP

3) Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor – Bblocks non-covert cynosural fields for 100km.

4) Mobile Siphon Unit – Steals from moon harvesting and processing arrays.

Apparently, there are additional mobiles structures planned for release later – I am looking forward to hearing about them.  The ones introduced so far have been creative and useful.

CCP Fozzie put out a call for more suggestions for new Mobile Deployable Units.  After skimming the thread, here are my ideas for some additional mobile structures.  Like the first 4, these are intended to be somewhat disruptive to the status quo and possibly allow for interesting or emergent gameplay.  These ideas are my own, but at least partially inspired by some of the suggestions in the thread.  I didn’t read all of it and any CCP employees that do definitely have my sympathy.  There is alot of crap in that thread.  So here are my own (crappy) suggestions:

1)  Local D-scan Inhibitor – Prevents ships within 250km from appearing on d-scan.  This works both ways – ships within 250km can’t see anything on d-scan either.  The inhibitor itself shows on D-scan and is probable.  Could be used to hide a fleet (until someone probes it out and sends a scout) or could be used offensively to blind a fleet so they can’t see ships coming unless they send someone out of range of the inhibitor.

2) Mobile Cap Recharger Inhibitor – Reduces the capacitor recharge rate of all ships within 100km by 15%.  Could be used to disrupt or break fleets that over-rely on cap stability.  Multiple units do not stack.  Probably needs to be prohibited from hisec or at least destructable with no suspect flag to prevent overuse in harassing mission runners.

3) Mobile Ammo Reprocessing Depot – Depot that is loaded with a BPO or BPC for a particular ammo type.  Allows reprocessing of modules to create that ammunition.  Fast run time and high scrap rate.  Basically, it would allow highly inefficient restocking of ammo when no stations or POS’s are available.  Potentially could be used for Tech 2 ammo using BPC’s.  Maybe non-configurable – once it is loaded with a BPO/BPC, that is all it can make.

4)  Mobile Drone Decoy – Every 30 seconds sends a pulse that causes drones to lose their targets for 10 seconds.  Range 100km.

5)  Mobile Wormhole Generator – Allows creation of a random wormhole.  Only works in K-space.  Different generators created different bands of wormholes.  Type 1 creates WH’s to C1, C2, HS.  Type 2 creates WH’s to C3,C4,LS.  Type 3 creates WH’s to C5,C6,NS.  Needs some kind of cooldown or expense to control usage.  Either expensive and has a 20 hour cooldown or disposable, but each system will only support the creation of 4 WH’s per day.  Something to prevent just cycling through WH’s until you get the one you want.

6) Mobile Ship Storage Depot- Basically a secure storage container that a ship (or ships) could be parked in.  Mass limit up to 1 battleship.  Shows up on d-scan and is probable, but has high HP and a reinforcement timer similar to the Mobile Depot.  If destroyed, the stored ships have a 50% chance of dropping (like the SMA’s).  This would allow players to swap ships without having an Orca, but at the risk of being discovered.

**edit 15 Nov 2013, I added one more to the list. 

7) Anti-Ewar Missile Battery – Loaded with scripts (ecm, neuts, damps,etc).  Detects any ships using the loaded type of Ewar and fires missiles at them.  100km range.  Max of 3 targets.  Alternatively, instead of missiles, it could use the same type of Ewar back at them.

I doubt any of these will be implemented, but it will be fun to see the ones that are.

Rubicon top 6

Rixx Javix posted the top six things he was looking forward to in Rubicon.  I thought I would do the same.

#1.  New mobile deployable units.  Mostly the mobile depot (now that it allows swapping of T3 subsystems), but I am also excited to play with the tractor beam and maybe even the siphon.  I rarely loot or salvage when I run sites, but the tractor beam may make that worthwhile.  Especially the higher end drone sites.  They may provide me with the varieties of minerals that I need for the small amount of lowsec manufacturing that I do.

#2.  Ghost sites.  These look like fun.  I already like to speed hack and I usually do it in a combat capable ship so this is right up my alley.

#3.  Stratios and Asteros.  They look cool and I think they will be great for up and coming explorers.  Unfortunately, I have shield and missile skills, not drone and armor skills.  It will be a couple of months before I can capably fly either of these ships.  I am toying with the idea of starting an alt with dual training just to fly the Asteros.  It would be good blog fodder.   I am also going to switch my training over to fly the Stratios on my main.  I am concerned that these ships are a predecessor to nerfing T3’s.

#4.  The changes to Rapid Light Assault Missiles and the new Rapid Heavy Assault Missiles.  I am curious to see how these play out.  Burst dps has never been a strength for missile users so it is nice to have that option.  I have some Caracal fits that I would like to try.  Some very cheap lowsec PVP opportunities.  I might even try some covert Tengu fits with the rapid lights.

#5.  Implant manufacturing.  I guess this is really a subset of the Ghost sites, but my character is build around the idea of exploring space, finding blueprints, and building them.  He has a combination of science and industry skills just for this purpose.  I find it improves the margins I get on site drops.

#6.  Highsec exploration sites now appearing in lowsec.  On the one hand, this means there is a lot more signatures that I will have to sort through and skip when I am roaming in my Tengu.  On the other hand, I do miss doing some of the highsec sites and if I find some close to my supply base, it would be fun to run them for the variety.  I’ll have to move in a couple of frigates.

I only wish I had more time to play!